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Following the introduction of the deo-block an extremely non friendly environmental product that is perceived to be carcinogenic and several newer perceived innovations have emerged on the South African and international markets For example the Dome shaped products designed to only treat malodour whereas the urinal mats were designed to release masking fragrance and the at screen type mats that claim to reduce splash back.

The international design team at P-Island are proud to introduce the ultimate urinal accessory. A device that not only eliminates splash back by as much as 90% but it incorporates the best features of recent innovations, i.e. biological odour control, drain line cleaning, biological cleaning, slow release fragrances that can last up to 30 days or 2000 flushes. Given the combination of all these features the P-Island will provide the ultimate cleaning, deodorizing and hygiene platform for your urinal – to the extent that you can now eliminate conventional sanitizers

Urinals, as they exist today do not adequately serve their function which is to be a sanitary means of unsanitary fluid disposal. Quite frankly, one of the most simple and logical innovations since the organization of plumbing has only ever been Improved marginally.



The back-splash that occurs in urinals ls an age old problem for two main reasons: the unsanitary mess it creates for the patron as well as the facility owner (a qualitative observable) and a micro-biological dissemination via micro droplets suspended In the air, which is a major health and hygiene concern.

Many existing products, both fully functional urinals and urinal inserts, claim to reduce splash, but if you require true sanitation none of these solutions are adequate because none address the fundamental issue; under pressure fluid flow making contact with a hard surface at a certain velocity will cause a splash and not truly address the components associated with true hygiene and good sanitation.