P-Island Features and Benefits

P-Island Urinal Mat – Features and Benefits

The unique and revolutionary design of the P-Island provides many characteristics that offer compelling reasons to utilise this technology in your establishments to ensure that you are presenting a sanitary and hygienic cloakroom facility to your patrons.

  1. The vast reduction of splash back holds significant hygiene benefits i.e. when standing at the urinal, the splash back could spray microscopic droplets up to 3.5m far, as measured from a drop height of about 77cm. This means even toothbrushes are in danger!
  2. The elimination of splash back will allow for a more pleasant experience to the user of the urinal
  3. The elimination of splash back reduces the need to constant clean and will result in substantial cost savings
  4. The incorporation of a fragrance allows for a pleasant environment
  5. The aesthetics of the device is such that it will enhance the appearance of the urinals
  6. The choice of fragrant options will add value to the personal selection of such in all restrooms
  7. The P-Island Urinal Device is cost effective considering all the added benefits that it holds for the user and facilities managers
  8. The product choice variants available to the facilities managers and or buyer of the P-Island caters for pricing pleasant fragrance, biological cleaning and malodour elimination and a near to zero splash back action. 

P-Island Features and Benefits When in Use

  • Releases a pleasant fragrance that keeps a urinal and the surrounding areas smelling fresh for up to 30 days depending on the frequency of use and number of flushes (2000)
  • Releases a pleasant fragrance in combination with bio-enzymes keeping the urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days plus the bio-enzymes capability to degrade and eliminate organics found in the urinal and drain lines
  • Unique ribbed and serrated design prevents even the smallest debris falling into the urinal trap causing potential drain blockages
  • Innovative angled pebble design that keeps urinal area clean and inhibits unwanted splash back
  • Safe installation and disposal allows the product and all its packaging to be recycled
  • Activated fragrance burst increases fragrance lift on contact with fluid
  • The pebbles/stones are target orientated allowing better aim for user
  • The bio-enzyme malodour eliminating technology eliminates malodour, the need for constant cleaning and will allow you to discontinue your conventional sanitizer
  • Universal design fits all styles of urinals
  • The serrated edge and rib design allows urinal to flush quickly
  • Unique anti-slip polymer feature keeps the device in an optimum position in the urinal
  • P-Island is suitable for both conventional urinals and waterless urinals including trough type urinals 

Product Variants

P-Island family is available in four modern colours and fragrances combined with a biological treatment tablet.