Urinal Hygiene – The Problem

Men's-Toilet-Hygiene-P-IslandLet’s face it – most men’s toilets and washrooms are unhygienic. The major cause of this is that when men stand and pee into a urinal something termed splash-back occurs. This fine spray of urine splashes out of the urinal onto everything in the immediate vicinity. So yes, you guessed it – our hands, trousers as well as the wall and floor all get covered with urine. And a lot of guys still don’t even wash their hands afterwards, so everything they touch is affected….yuck!  

This contamination is what causes the bad odours and a general un-sanitary environment. To counteract this situation, several products have been developed such as chemical blocks and various urinal mats. Most of these products have attempted to control the problem but have only really masked the odour. However, the critical issue of splash-back has not been dealt with. Men continue to pee and the splash-back continues to pose a health risk.

Urinal Mats – P-Island

That is until the invention of the revolutionary P-Island urinal accessory.

P-Island-Urinal-MatP-Island urinal device, by design, cleverly eliminates splash-back by an excess of over 90%. Furthermore, it also incorporates substances that biologically control the odour, actively cleans the urinal and drain lines and releases fragrances that last up to 30 days or 2000 flushes.

The main benefits of P-Island are:

  • Major reduction of splash-back providing significant hygiene benefits to the users.
  • Eradicate bad odours not merely just masking the smell (malodour)
  • Fragrances allows for pleasant washroom experience
  • Bio-enzymes clean the urinal and are capable of degrading organic contaminants
  • Getting rid of splash-back on the walls and floors means less cleaning is required resulting in cost savings
  • Unique design prevents debris that causes drain blockages

Contact us today, to become a distributor of the P-Island range of urinal accessories and help your clients to provide a healthy cloakroom experience in their businesses.